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Thread: Jamie Lynn Spears buying a house with Casey Aldridge

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    Default Jamie Lynn Spears buying a house with Casey Aldridge

    House Huntin'

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    They're engaged and now…they're moving in together!
    Even though they were rumored to be shacking up last summer, the pair have recently been living apart.
    Now, Jamie Lynn Spears and her babydaddy, what's his face, are house huntin' in Mississippi.
    They supposedly made an offer of $300K on a three-bedroom house in the town of Liberty.
    It's fancy! The house has got them marble floors and a game room!
    An insider says, "Jamie Lynn is really excited over having a home of her own."
    At least she's keeping the kid in Louisiana. Hopefully it will have a more normal life there - whatever "normal" is for the Spears family!

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    I am from the next town over from Liberty. It is in Mississippi in the county of Amite. This place makes Mayberry look huge. I can't think of any rich neighborhoods on Liberty though. Must be out in the woods somewhere.

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    and i'm sure Casey is going to contribute a LOT of money to THAT house
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    I bet she'd get more attention if she was hot. But she's soooo normal everyday average plain jane nothing special kind of girl, the paps probably walk right past her thinking, "where's brit's sister?" Then they'd be like, "Oh, THAT'S her.... ho hum."
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    I hope she uses her empty head ... for once ... and 1. doesn't marry the guy, and 2. puts the deed to the house in her name.

    It will make things much easier when they break up.

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