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Thread: Tony Curtis cuts a frail figure as he rolls into Harrods

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    Default Tony Curtis cuts a frail figure as he rolls into Harrods

    Wherever Tony Curtis went, his toupee arrived slightly before him.

    But yesterday the Hollywood veteran dispensed with the bequiffed topknot and went for the honest look.
    Arriving at Harrods in a grey Stetson, he took it off to reveal a head even more hairless than that of store owner Mohamed Al Fayed. Scroll down for more...
    The bald truth: Tony Curtis minus his wig, right, with Mohamed Al Fayed

    Frail: Tony Curis greets fans at Harrods this afternooon without his trademark toupee

    Curtis, 82, is currently confined to a wheelchair, which he blames on a life-threatening bout of pneumonia which he suffered in 2006.
    He said: 'I lost the use of my legs. But in a week or so I will be up and about.'
    The former heartthrob, star of 171 films, is in London to launch an exhibition of his oil paintings at the department store.
    Scroll down for more...
    Artist: the 82-year-old visited Harrods to launch an exhibition of his paintings

    There are 35 canvases on sale for up to 20,000.

    From his wheelchair, he painted a picture of a vase of flowers on canvas in front of fans and Harrods staff.
    During a bizarre photocall Curtis and Mr Al Fayed shook hands and the Harrods owner patted his friend's bald head before giving him a banana.
    Scroll down for more...
    Brush off: during the bizarre photocall Mr Al Fayed pretended to paint Mr Curtis's face and later gave him a banana

    Curtis implied that the gift was a running joke between the pair and said: 'He's always given me a banana.'
    He was able to stand briefly to greet Mr Al Fayed but seemed relieved to return to the wheelchair.
    Despite his frail appearance, Curtis was asked the secret of his enduring vigour and replied: 'The saliva of beautiful women.' Scroll down for more...
    Icon: the Hollywood star in his leading man heyday

    But he admitted he follows a strict diet regime in order to stay healthy.
    He said: 'I have no sugar in my diet. Eliminate sugar and your body will equalise its weight. I do exercise and stuff.' He also said that his sixth wife Jill Vandenberg, who is 42 years his junior, helped to keep him healthy.

    Bald and in a wheelchair: Tony Curtis cuts a frail figure as he rolls into Harrods | the Daily Mail

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    The first photo appears to show the clear evidence of his many face lifts. All of the front of his face/neck is stretched behind his ear. I wonder what the back of his head looks like. A sharpei??

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    Uhhh, I thought he died recently?
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    ^^That was Charlton Heston; they were both in gladiator movies, so maybe that's why you thought it was him.

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    actually, his face looks better than it has in the past!
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    *close your eyes and think of Some like it Hot*

    Damn, too late. Ew.
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