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Thread: Big payday for lawyers in Britney Spears case

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    Default Big payday for lawyers in Britney Spears case

    A Los Angeles court on Thursday ordered payment of nearly $400,000 to the numerous lawyers involved in Britney Spears's affairs with the pop star footing the bill.

    All the attorneys have been working on the case for less than three months.

    Samuel Ingham, Spears's court-appointed attorney, will continue to receive $10,000 a week, Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled.

    Andrew Wallet, the co-conservator of Spears's finances, will receive an advance of $100,000. (Wallet had not been paid since becoming involved last February.).

    The firm which won Jamie Spears control of his daughter's affairs will also be advanced $175,000, and a lawyer representing Britney's brother Bryan Spears will get $22,500, while Stacy Phillips, Britney's new divorce lawyer, will receive $75,000.

    The singer's father and Wallet remain in control of her life until a July 31 hearing.

    Big Payday for Lawyers in Britney Spears Case - Britney Spears :

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    Ten thousand a week!?OMFG.

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    No wonder she wants to sell her video diaries. Bitch is going to be broke, paying all these attorney fees.

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    i can represent the shit out of Twitney! someone give ME 5 bazillion dollars for keeping her fat ass out of cheetos!
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    She needs a lawyer to investigate all of these lawyer fees.
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    $10,000 a week isn't much at all. That's $250/hr if he's working on it FT. A lot of Attorneys charge $400-$600/hr.

    I think its a crock she's paying everyone's tab. Why does her bro need his own Attorney?

    I think Larry Birkhead's Attorney takes the prize for the most ridiculous legal bill EVER

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