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Thread: Pete Doherty is the hottest chick this side of Yellow Teeth Land

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    Default Pete Doherty is the hottest chick this side of Yellow Teeth Land

    Tuesday, April 15th 2008
    Dreamboat On The Inside

    No, these aren't photos from Playgirl even though Dreamboat looks like a hot piece of mess. The Sun got a hold of these camera phone pics of Dreamboat Doherty in the chokey! He looks so.......bored.
    Not only is he bored, but The Sun claims he's still doing heroin in the clink. His cellmate is a 28-year-old drug dealer and Dreamboat has been getting shit by begging for [COLOR=#ff00ff! important][COLOR=#ff00ff! important]credit[/COLOR][/COLOR] and writing IOUs. The "s" in IOUs stands for shit, because you know Dreamboat is not paying them back.
    An inmate said, We cant believe how much hes still clucking for it. They put him inside to force him to give up but Pete always has a need to feed his habit. Dreamboat is currently on methadone to wean him off, but he's topping it off with some of the real stuff.
    Dreamy has also became friends with some hefty, ex-streetfighter named Ray who is protecting him. Other inmates know he's getting a little white lady from the outside, so he's in danger. Ray is making sure nothing happens to him. Hmm...and how is Dreamy paying Ray back? He probably lets him lick at his feet. Ray sounds like a kinky mofo with a foot fetish.
    It's a party in there for Dreamy. This bitch is never leaving. Drugs, free food and his own bodyguard who likes to suck on his toes? I made up the last part, but you know it's true. Dreamy is living the life!
    Here's more pics of Dreamy looking fuck ass bored, brushing his crack teeth and waiting for his next dance with the white lady.

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    I can't imagine why this isn't under "Hot Guys"
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    I can't imagine why he is still alive. It seems like God is taunting us all, doesn't it?

    He does look girly in that main blurry picture. Probably why he's doing so well in jail.

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    forgive me for what I am about to say but that is one ugly man, I mean as in butt ugly.

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