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Thread: How Harry Potter actress Emma Watson got a wizard £10.5million birthday present

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    Default How Harry Potter actress Emma Watson got a wizard £10.5million birthday present

    Harry Potter actress Emma Watson got a wizard present for her 18th birthday yesterday ... her £10.5million fortune.

    But she was given access to her accumulated earnings for the first time only after agreeing, at her parents' behest, to enrol on a crash course in how to be a responsible multi-millionaire.

    Under the deal, she had to consent to have her future spending carefully scrutinised by four senior managers at Coutts, bankers to the Queen.

    Miss Watson, who celebrated her birthday while filming the latest Potter movie at a Hertfordshire studios, amassed the cash over eight years starring as Hermione Granger.

    For the current sixth film, she is being paid £ 2.5million, according to an industry insider.

    And in a particularly canny bit of negotiating - which came after stories emerged that she might pull out of the franchise to go to university - her future earnings for the final film will be further boosted by £3million.

    The last movie in the saga of the boy wizard, Deathly Hallows, will be split into two, for each of which she will earn some £1.5million.

    However, Miss Watson will have access to her money only through Coutts, which also managed co-star Daniel Radcliffe's fortune.

    She has also had to sit through three days of tutorials at the bank with other Potter child stars, including Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy.

    A source said Miss Watson put a strong emphasis on philanthropy, particularly giving to children's charities.

    Coming of age: Schoolgirl Emma, left, and as she is today, just turned 18

    At this stage, most of her fortune is being put into high-interest, low-risk investments, with a move into property once the current downturn has bottomed out.

    "The idea is for the money to grow and safeguard her future," said the source.

    "Of course, legally she has access to her millions. But she has been so surrounded by private bankers advising her strongly to channel it into trusts that it will be quite difficult for her to even have £1million in cash in her hands to spend at will."

    How Harry Potter actress Emma Watson got a wizard £10.5million birthday present | the Daily Mail

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    I'm surprised those Potter kids aren't paid more considering how popular the movies are. Hell, even Jennifer Aniston makes $8 million per movie. And when was the last time one of hers was a blockbuster?
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    im sure they get more from the toys, etc that share their likelihood

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    I love this girl.

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    Daniel Radcliffe's salary is much higher than his HP co-stars.

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    Unreal, no wonder these child stars grow up all messed up. Earning such easy money at such a young age.

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    Well hopefully she'll pay attention in her money management class.

    Daniel Radcliffe seems to be working more than any of them. I saw he's going to be on Masterpiece theater next Sunday as Jack Kipling.

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    It's heartwarming to see that she's interested in giving something back to the world, especially with children's charities. It shows she's not a spoiled brat (at least not yet).
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