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Thread: Too Posh to push...a trolley: Victoria Beckham visits a supermarket

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    Default Too Posh to push...a trolley: Victoria Beckham visits a supermarket

    Victoria Beckham has claimed that her favourite store is M&S. And of course she was paid an enormous amount to endorse Tesco with her fellow Spices.

    But a supermarket is still the last place you would expect to see the self-appointed beacon of style.
    However, even Posh has mouths to feed and there was no escape from the business of everyday life as she hit the mecca for all things organic - and expensive - Whole Foods, in Beverly Hills.

    Posh visited America's favourite high-end supermarket - which has a UK branch in London's Kensington - to stock up on store cupboard favourites - cereal and milk.

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    Shop girl: Victoria Beckham enjoyed a shopping trip to organic food hall Whole Foods in Beverly Hills

    Hot spot: Whole Foods is a favourite with American celebrities as it stocks all things organic including food, skincare and household products


    But Posh will only compromise so much. She eschewed the soccer-mom uniform of sweatpants and trainers in favour of a short sleeveless shift dress, high-heeled sandals and none-too-inconspicuous sunglasses.

    Victoria is also clearly not too posh to push and got her bodyguard to carry round her bags.
    And could she be hiding a set of green fingers among those extended talons of hers as she paid particular interest to the plant section of the store.

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    Green nail extensions: Posh's trip revealed a new secret - the former Spice Girl appeared particularly interested in the plant section

    With David absent, Posh had the assistance of a mountain of a man to help carry her purchases to her car.

    Quite what supermarket Tesco will think of Victoria jumping on the Whole Foods bandwagon remains to be seen.
    Last year Victoria was famously seen stalking the aisles of Tesco with her fellow Spice Girls in an advert for the supermarket.
    Posh abandoned her penchant for expensive goods in favour of a fat paycheck and a shopping session in Tesco as part of a multi million pound Spice Girls deal.

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    However, Posh made it clear where her supermarket allegiances lie. Just before the Beckhams' move to LA, she said: "You can get most things out there but what I will miss is M&S.
    "I missed it when I first moved to Madrid and it is the first shop I go to when I'm back."

    Meanwhile one shop Posh will probably not be going to in a hurry is LA's chic boutique Kitson.
    Store owner Fraser Ross has criticised Victoria for not promoting her dVb denim line in the store, in person.

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    Trolley dolly: Victoria shocked onlookers when she was seen with a trolley last year - but it was for a 5 million advert for the store

    He told Life & Style magazine: "I'm fighting right now with Victoria Beckham's people because she lives here in L.A., we sell her line and she won't come in here to do an appearance. "We have customers asking if she will come in and what am I supposed to tell them? She lives here, she really should come out and support her fans, the people buying her jeans."

    Too Posh to push...a trolley: VB visits a real supermarket (but the poor bodyguard has to carry the bags) | the Daily Mail

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    I can't help but like her a little bit. Not too keen on the dress though.

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    i dont push the cart either. its my money, so not my job. thats what i got married and had kids for
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    I wonder what she bought.

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    She is so fucking tiny.
    I like her, too, Rondette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijoux View Post
    I wonder what she bought.

    Ipecac and laxatives

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    I can't stand this woman!

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    Oh stop the presses, she was in a supermarket.

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    [QUOTE=Honey;1157594]Victoria Beckham has claimed that her favourite store is M&S. And of course she was paid an enormous amount to endorse Tesco with her fellow Spices.

    Shouldn't that be S&M...?

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    Love her - she seems to be settling in to LA nicely!

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    I don't carry my shopping bags if I have a man with me, I make him do the heavy lifting...what else are they good for?

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