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Thread: Heidi Montag raps on TRL

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    Exclamation Heidi Montag raps on TRL

    The Hills‘ feminist hero Heidi Montag rapped during her guest appearance on Monday’s TRL. Here’s how her freestyle went, which rapper Nelly gave an “A” for effort:

    Yo, yo
    I got Heidiwood
    I’m wearing it all day
    I like it, so what do you got to say
    You got apple bottoms, what
    You know what’s going up
    Um, keep going, I’ll keep flowing
    You know what I like to say
    Everyday, I’m in New York
    It’s all good this way


    Heidi also shared her craziest fan moment while on TRL: “The other day at Benihana, there was a table of girls and they were like, ‘TEAM HEIDI!!!!’ Those are my girls.”

    VIDEO YouTube - Heidi Montag Trying to Rap on TRL

    Just Jared

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    ...Flowing like a leaky prostate....
    Love it!

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    I actually like Heidi. She's able to laugh at herself and she seems like a fun, down to earth girl. I couldn't ever see Lauren removing the stick from her ass and getting over her ego long enough to do something like this.

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