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Thread: J.K. Rowling to testify in Harry Potter Suit

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    Default J.K. Rowling to testify in Harry Potter Suit

    J.K. Rowling Photo by: Mark Stewart / Camera Press / Retna

    J.K. Rowling will face a Manhattan judge Monday in a bid to squash the publication of Harry Potter Lexicon, an unauthorized encyclopedia devoted to the fantasy world she created.

    The British-born author, 42, filed suit earlier this year, claiming that the book by fan site author Steven Vander Ark and published by RDR Books in Muskegon, Mich. is "nothing more than a rearrangement of her own material."

    Now, Rowling has made her own comparisons between her novels and the projected book, and is reportedly ready to testify about dozens of similarities. She "feels like her words were stolen," one of her lawyers, Dan Shallman, told the court Friday.

    The case is scheduled to last most of this week in the New York U.S. District Court, where Judge Robert P. Patterson will conduct the trial without a jury. A security guard will watch over Rowling in court, and she can spend breaks in the seclusion of a jury room away from the gaze of any hardcore Potter fans

    J.K. Rowling To Testify in Harry Potter Suit - Crime & Courts, :

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    Steve Vander Ark is a notorious asshole, but I'm not loving Rowling's actions here either. Of COURSE it's based on her books, it's a compilation of facts about them, duh!

    I really don't know enough about the law and 'fair use' to comment on the case itself, just saying both sides seem kind of douchey to me.
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    She's a gazillionaire, she can't share? Plenty of series have 'companion' type books written by other people. She needs to get over herself.
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    I agree with JKR. It is her work and she has put out several supplemental books based on some of this information. Each of those books have been published for charity. She has commented before that any other HP books would contain background info on characters, the history etc. And she's stated any of those books would be used to further raise money for charity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    She's a gazillionaire, she can't share? Plenty of series have 'companion' type books written by other people. She needs to get over herself.

    agreed with a exclamation mark all over the place.

    Lucas lets people write Star Wars books. If she was going to continue the book I could see it but she's "tired of it"

    "J.K. Rowling to testify in Harry Potter suit" good that dress she wore was way to small for her and her girls were popping out all over the place and you could see the cottage cheese on her thighs - I'm not for women wearing man suites but on her it might be for the best.

    take that J.K. Rowling who didn't out Dumbledore until after book 7 had been sold because you thought someone wouldn't like a gay Dumbledore ....

    I'm not loving her anymore.

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