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Thread: Heather Mills booed and heckled as she appears as judge at Miss USA Pageant

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    Default Heather Mills booed and heckled as she appears as judge at Miss USA Pageant

    A shocked Heather Mills was booed and jeered as she was introduced as a judge at the Miss USA 2008 Pageant.

    The former model – who has previously claimed that public opinion of her in the US was "99 per cent positive" – was visibly upset when part of the audience at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas began to heckle as she took to the stage with hosts Donny and Marie Osmond. Scroll down for more...
    Booed: Heather at the beauty pageant in Las Vegas

    The live TV contest was Mills's first major public appearance since her £25 million divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney.
    It came just days after she launched an astonishing tirade against Sir Paul McCartney and "his three girlfriends" on GMTV, saying:
    "I wish all the girls the best of luck. Better them than me."
    "99 per cent positive - I've always wanted to live here but I've always said that I can't live here because I want to keep my daughter near her father," she added. Scroll down for more...

    After the contest Mills attempted to shrug off the heckling:
    "I really enjoyed myself. It was a great contest. If there was some negative reaction, what can you do? There will always be some people like that." She said.
    Mills was on a panel of ten judges on Donald Trump's Miss U.S.A beauty contest. Scroll down for more...
    Back on the attack: A fiery Heather Mills during an interview on GMTV

    She is staying at the five-star Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, where rooms cost up to £5,000 a night, courtesy of the programme. A spokesman for Miss USA refused to comment on the booing. He added: "We were pleased to have Heather participate on our panel."

    Heather Mills booed and heckled as she appears as judge at Miss USA Pageant | the Daily Mail

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    Go away hag!

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    knowing Heather she probably thought it was America's way of cheering her.
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    Was some of her face paralyzed from the accident?

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    That gown in the first pic isn't that bad, actually....

    FUCK, I'm too nice!!!!!

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    I'm glad she has frankenboobs.
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    As a Heather, I feel an obligation to tell Heather Mills...Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.

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    Her left boob is melllllllllting.

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    oh good grief now she can start with the "I'm the most hated woman in the world" again.... thing is she isn't far from wrong.

    ps dang it I liked the dress too.

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