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Thread: Lance Bass' new man

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    Default Lance Bass' new man

    Lance Bass is missing the whole point of dating. The point of dating is to be seen with someone that is at least twice as hot as your last boyfriend. I don't care if he has a big dick. Depending on the restaurant, you're not going to be seen dining with his dick. You'll be seen dining with his face. This new dude is definitely not an upgrade from Lance's last piece. Call me shallow. Seriously, call me shallow, because it turns me on.
    Here's Lance and new dude leaving Foxtail in Hollywood last night. The new dude totally looks like he buys used undies off of eBay and spends his Sunday afternoons sniffing them until he can't sniff no more.
    I also threw in some Constantine Maroulis because the grease factor in this post was lacking.

    Lance Bass' New Piece | Dlisted

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    LMAO This guy is hilarious! I can't get enough of his humor.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    aww i love Constantine!
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    Every time I see this fycker I can't help but wonder if he's the meat or the bun. What is he? Anyhow, go gay porn!

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