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Thread: Victoria Beckham looks bored stiff as David Beckham drags her to the basketball

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    Default Victoria Beckham looks bored stiff as David Beckham drags her to the basketball

    It's a game of four quarters, played by men of amazing stature and agility.

    But although she's married to a pretty handy sportsman herself, Victoria Beckham looked less than enamoured with a trip to the basketball.
    Quite frankly, Victoria looked bored stiff as she sat in the coveted courtside seats at the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers game at the Staples Centre in LA.

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    How dull: Victoria Beckham holds on to husband David's hand, but looks thoroughly bored by the action at the basketball match between the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers in Los Angeles yesterday

    Together: David sat with his arms draped protectively around wife Victoria, who tried hard to appear interested in the on-court antics

    Dressed in a sober black sleeveless shirt and jeans combination complete with high heels - Posh looked less than animated as she sat with David's arms draped protectively around her.

    With a look of intense concentration on her face, Posh vainly tried hard to follow just what was going on.
    Husband David looked much more relaxed in a navy blue military shirt, baggy jeans and trainers - if a little unshaven.

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    When is it over? Posh takes greater interest in the crowd than the action on the court

    But while a courtside seat at the Lakers might be the must-have accessory for A-listers such as Jack Nicholson, Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz, Victoria is much happier shopping.

    And her father Anthony and mother Jacqueline joined her on such an expedition to Abercrombie and Fitch in The Grove, in West LA, where they picked up clothes for the three Beckham boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.
    Meanwhile, Posh recently spoke about her Marc Jacobs ads, shot by fashion photographer Juergen Teller, in which she looks rather unlike her usual highly groomed self.
    She told The New York Times: "I knew this wasn't going to be Vogue.
    "I knew I had to put myself in their hands, which could be quite scary."

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    Big meets small: Enthusiastic David meets Lakers star Didier Mbenga

    Top celebrity: Could she be...the most photographed woman in the world

    Posh revealed that she had a long discussion with designer Jacobs after he first proposed the idea, last September, and a follow-up chat with photographer Teller, who met her misgivings with a typical mixture of charm and candour.

    He said: "I told her, 'You're the most photographed woman in the world. And fashion nowadays is all about product bags and shoes and you're kind of a product yourself, aren't you?' She was, like, 'Uh, yeah.'" Posh added: "People are always going to talk about what Marc does."
    Back to reality: Posh was seen out shopping in West Los Angeles yesterday with her parents Jackie and Tony

    Unsporty Spice: Posh looks bored stiff as David drags her to the basketball (but at least he held her hand) | the Daily Mail

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    To the basketball GAME!
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    I can't say I blame her for being bored, there.

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    From the pics she's not the only bored one there.

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    I can't help but love Posh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    To the basketball GAME!
    I thought the same thing but all of the Brits I know leave off "game." Will says "I am going to watch the soccer" or "Are you going to the football?" He rarely puts in the word game. I think it is a British thing.

    And I would be bored too.
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    so she's bored at a basketball game. big deal. if you look at the pictures, the people around her dont looks so thrilled either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    check out the guys face behind victoria.. haha

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