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Thread: Paris Hilton in London: Harrods, Hamleys and she is staying at the Hilton this time

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    Default Paris Hilton in London: Harrods, Hamleys and she is staying at the Hilton this time

    Paris Hilton's stay in less-than-average hotels around the country has finally come to an end.

    And our favourite heiress wasted no time sampling the delights of the capital as soon as she arrived yesterday.

    She has been slumming it in regional hotels for the past week, providing emotional support for boyfriend Benji Madden as he tours with band Good Charlotte.

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    At home: Paris and Benji Madden outside 'her' hotel in Park Lane, London, after arriving in the UK yesterday. She showed off her gem encrusted BM initial ring

    But the 27-year-old socialite was clearly desperate for some "me time" yesterday - checking in to the Presidential Suite of the Park Lane Hilton Hotel (no three-star accommodation for her anymore) and immediately dragged Benji out to the shops.

    First stop was Harrods, and one onlooker remarked: "She looked so excited, like a kid in a sweet shop. She stepped out of the car and was surrounded by loads of people wanting to take a picture of her and her boyfriend Benji Madden."

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    Take your time dear: Benji watches as Paris browses the rails at Knightsbridge store Harrods - a must for any shopaholic

    London calling: A Met officer helps Paris make her way through the crowds after she visited world famous toy store Hamleys

    Roughing it: Paris Hilton stayed at the two-star Lord Nelson Hotel in Liverpool's red-light district

    Paris must have worked up an appetite covering the department store's seven floors, as she headed to Lebanese restaurant Maroush in nearby Beauchamp Place for a bite to eat.

    Then it was off to toy store Hamleys in Regent Street to satisfy her inner child.

    And if Benji was getting bored by this point (after all, it's hardly rock'n' roll), the worst was yet to come.

    Making her feelings clear for our great British weather, she headed to The Tanning Shop in Dering Street, Soho.

    Staff said she was incredibly friendly, made a beeline for the tanning bed (we hope she took the "BM" ring off her engagement finger first, otherwise it would leave an embarrassing tanline), and was happy to pose up for photos with them.

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    Essential maintenance: Paris stopped for a top up of her California glow at a tanning salon

    Benji went for a walk while Paris pampered herself inside. But his day improved after they had returned to the Park Lane Hilton and - after a quick change - hit Chelsea nightspot Raffles.

    Dressed to kill in an off-the-shoulder T-shirt dress, Paris headed straight for the dancefloor, giving Benji more than enough to admire.

    Good Charlotte play tomorrow night at Brixton Academy, so Paris has at least another day or two to enjoy herself.

    Prior to her arrival in the capital, Paris abandoned her high-maintenance comfort to stay at the two-star Lord Nelson Hotel in Liverpool's red-light district.
    Party girl: Paris ended her night in her usual fashion, after a quick change she and Benji headed straight for the dancefloor

    Centre of attention: Paris is thrilled to be the focus of a crowd of paparazzi as she leaves a Soho tanning salon

    Paris in London: Harrods, Hamleys and, yes, she is staying at the Hilton this time | the Daily Mail

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    They're both hideous looking. I don't know how Benji can stand to be aywhere near her.

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    I hate to say this but I like them as a couple.

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    She's so tall next to him !
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    Exchanging glances with the cunty bitches


    Her hair looks horrendous in the first pic.

    It's the little things that make my day.
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