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Thread: Surprise, surprise, Barron Hilton receives no jail time for DUI

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    Default Surprise, surprise, Barron Hilton receives no jail time for DUI

    Wednesday, April 9th 2008
    No Jail Time For Barron

    First Mischa Barton gets off from doing any jail time for her DUI and now Barron Hilton isn't doing any time. Gross.
    Barron pleaded no contest for DUI in court today. The 19-year-old was put on 3 years probation and he had his license taken away for one year. He must also attend a 3-month booze education class and pay a visit to the L.A. County Morgue. Why not just let him spend an hour with Paris' vagina. I'm sure it looks like dead, mutilated meat.
    Barron was arrested in February for driving drunk and showing the cops a fake drivers license.
    It's punishment enough being named Barron. Barren. Baron. Barron. The only time I enjoy seeing the word "Baron" is when it's after the word "Red." Snoopy VS The Red Baron rules.

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    i know a girl who got a DUI underage and didn't get any jail time either. she got probation and drug and alcohol classes. she didn't even lose her license. not too surprising actually, although i despise the entire hilton family.
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    Well at least he's normal looking. :\ I guess..........

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