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Thread: Nicole Richie: Motherhood 'beyond amazing'

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    Default Nicole Richie: Motherhood 'beyond amazing'

    When it comes to motherhood, observes Nicole Richie (who is still fairly new to the game), "It's definitely like nothing I could have imagined."

    Appearing with her father, musician Lionel Richie, at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, Nicole, reports Extra, says life with daughter Harlow, who was born in January, is "beyond amazing, and my family has been supportive. And I go to my dad's house all the time."

    Nicole, 26, says Lionel, 58, is also meeting his grandfatherly obligations as well. "He actually babysat the other day – him and Joel [Madden, Nicole's finacé] – and they were amazing. I mean, she slept the whole time."

    Added Lionel: "It's when the baby wakes up that I freak out!"

    Honored with an ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award, the patriarch also said of his daughter: "She went from, 'Dad, I don't care. Whatever you say.' To 'Wash your hands, Dad' and 'Be quiet Dad.' It's a whole new sound of the house."

    Speaking of sounds, there was the matter of how he was to be addressed now that his child has had one of her own.

    "I went to Nicole and said, 'Grandpa,' how does that sound? Does that fit me?' She said, 'Dad, that sounds old.' So I kind of searched out ... G-Pa sounds a lot better."

    Nicole Richie: Motherhood 'Beyond Amazing' - Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie :

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    Well at least Lionel still looks good.

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    She is a lucky girl - adopted by a rich and famous family and married with a new baby. I hope she appreciates it all.

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    For fucking serious?????

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