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Thread: 'Mark Croft's only with Kerry Katona for her money,' claims his own mother

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    Default 'Mark Croft's only with Kerry Katona for her money,' claims his own mother

    Kerry Katona and Mark Croft's most vocal critics - their mothers - have spoken out again in a damming joint interview in which both urge the couple to end their "destructive" relationship.

    Mark's mother, Marilyn Croft, 59, has blasted her own son, warning the pregnant mother of three off the former cab driver who, she claims, "is only with Kerry for her money".

    Marilyn has been estranged from the couple since a New Years Eve row with Kerry which saw both accusing each other of physical attacks.
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    Hand in hand: Mark Croft has denied he is only with the former Atomic Kitten singer for her money

    Marilyn, who teamed up with Kerry's estranged mother Sue Katona for an interview with Reveal magazine, said: "Mark and Kerry shouldn't be together. They are like a car crash. They bring out the worst in each other.

    "I love my son but, much as I hate to say it, the reason he is with her is for her money and the lifestyle she gives."

    "Mark and Kerry's relationship is destructive to both of them.

    "They haven't signed a pre-nup agreement and it is a terrible thing for a mother to think of her own son but he would take her for everything if they finished."

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    Mother's united: Sue Katona and Marilyn Croft have both spoken out against Kerry and Mark's relationship

    "It's very difficult to think so badly of your children. The only way we can tell them we are concerned is by speaking out like this. It's a terrible thing but the sooner they split up the better. It would be best for everyone."

    For her part, Sue Katona, 48, insists she is concerned for troubled daughter and grandchildren Molly, 6, Lilly-Sue, 5, and Heidi, 1.

    Sue was a drug addict and alcoholic who frequently attempted suicide during Kerry's childhood and Kerry has refused contact with after she sold a story claiming Mark was a drug dealer.

    She told the magazine: "I have genuine fears for her health."

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    Critic: Marilyn claims Mark, pictured here on a Ducati brought for him by Kerry, is with her for the luxury lifestyle

    "She isn't well mentally or physically and I am concerned for her. She is going to end up as the next Anna Nicole Smith if she carries on the way she is. Her life seems to be going from bad to worse.

    "I've heard through friends that her diet is terrible and that she's still drinking event though she's pregnant, and that she's bedridden."

    Kerry, 27, checked into the Priory for depression last month and was rushed to hospital amid fears she had contracted the potentially fatal condition, pre-eclampsia. She was released after medics discovered she had water retention.

    She is due to give birth to her fourth child, a boy, next month.
    Of his mother's claims, Mark has said: "Mum certainly didn't have an opinion when Kerry was loaning her money. The reason I'm with Kerry is that I love her".

    'Mark's only with Kerry for her money,' claims his own mother Marilyn Croft | the Daily Mail

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    she's got money? And Jesus, what ugly mothers!!!!

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    Only with her for money? No sh*t sherlock! Talk about her stating the obvious.

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    This article makes me realize things... like how this kid has no hopes in the looks department...
    Sugar... The real gateway drug

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