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Thread: Pamela Anderson gets E! reality show

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    Default Pamela Anderson gets E! reality show

    Pamela Anderson Gets E! Reality Show

    April 7, 2008
    Pamela Anderson is getting the reality show treatment. The former Baywatch beauty will star in an “observational documentary” series — tentatively titled Pamela — set to debut this summer on E!.
    According to a network release, “Viewers will get to know the real woman behind the famous breasts and follow Pam as she tries to juggle love, career and peace of mind. Going beyond the fame and fortune, this is Pam at her core, living her life with no regrets.” And Randy Barbato, managing director of World of Wonder Productions, promises the 30-minute series will be “artistically rich and visually stunning.”
    The show will focus on Anderson alone — and will not feature her children — unlike another E! show, which stars Denise Richards and her two daughters. By adding her name to the list of Hollywood women getting reality shows on the network, Anderson joins Dina Lohan as well as Richards. –Brian Orloff

    Pamela Anderson Gets E! Reality Show - PEOPLE TV Watch
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    i'm glad her kids wont be in it. i'll probably watch it, since she seems a bit more personable than Denise.
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    Gee. Something else to not watch.
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    why are they talking about this being so artistic?who do they think they're working with?? my beauty blog

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    I saw her on Craig Fergussen and she sucked. She kept playing with her stringy hair. I'm getting sick of reality shows! Well except Dances with the Stars, and American Idol, and The Deadlest Catch..

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