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Thread: Source: Mischa Barton to accept plea deal in DUI case

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    Default Source: Mischa Barton to accept plea deal in DUI case

    Mischa Barton will accept a plea deal in her DUI case, sparing her any jail time, a source tells PEOPLE.

    The former O.C. star will plead no contest to DUI at her arraignment Thursday in Beverly Hills court, and agree to serve a three-year unsupervised probation term, the source says.

    Barton will also be sentenced to a three-month alcohol-education class, and pay a fine of approximately $1,700. In addition, a marijuana possession charge against the actress will be dropped, due to the small amount found. Another charge of driving without a license will be reduced to an infraction, according to the source.

    A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office would not comment on the case.

    The terms of the plea deal, negotiated by Barton's lawyer Anthony V. Salerno, are expected to be signed off on by the court Thursday. Such a deal is common for first-time offenders.

    Barton, 22, was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles on Dec. 27, after sheriff deputies spotted her weaving between two lanes of traffic and she failed to signal when making a turn.

    On Jan. 10, Barton told Ryan Seacrest's L.A. radio show: "Obviously I'm 100 percent responsible for my actions in this case. I'm really disappointed in myself. I don't know what to say about it, except that I'm not perfect, and I just don't ever intend to do something this stupid again."

    Source: Mischa Barton to Accept Plea Deal in DUI Case - Crime & Courts, :

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    she went to the Nicole Richie sentencing school. rewarding celebs yet again.
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    What's it going to take for celebrities to be punished like THE REST OF US 'normal' folk for something as stupid as a D.U.I!?!

    Killing someone while driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs maybe??

    Oh no...because even then apparently you get a break- if you're an actor like that Lane Garrison guy from Prison Break. Now they are saying he might get out early for 'good behavior'...

    This is complete bullshit!

    If this were me (which it never would/will be) or anyone else our asses would be thrown in jail no matter how much we cried, apologized, pleaded and begged!!!

    I hate Mushy even more now.

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    "Such a deal is common for first time offenders."

    Really?? BULLSHIT!!!! First time DUI offenders with posession of marijuana get an extended stay at Joe's tent city in Maricopa County. Of course, they aren't celebrities.
    I'm not quite drunk enough to really care, but is this her violation of her violation of her violation of her violation of probation or her violation of her violation of her violation of her probation????? ~MontanaMama on LL's latest arrest.

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    Another slap (well, pet) on the wrist.

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    So it hasn't actually happened yet? She may not do it.

    Here in Vancouver, ICBC (an insurance co.) promised to force repeat bad drivers to pay way more in insurance costs, they had LOADS of media coverage. Then, when the time came to do it, they pulled out, only a 2" by 3" paragraph informed the public of what they hadn't done. I'd rather hear news of what ACTUALLY happens, not what someone says they might do.
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    She didn't kill or hurt anybody so let her be.

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    So did she have pot on her? I can't stand the ho, but it seems like she's getting punished just as everyone else. Usually you get one night in the slammer when detained for a DUI. Did she get that? Eh, I just hope she'll go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    She didn't kill or hurt anybody so let her be.
    i agree. it's her first offence too.
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