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Thread: Teri Hatcher: 'My second book is about women'

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    Default Teri Hatcher: 'My second book is about women'

    Rex Features

    Teri Hatcher has revealed that her second book will be about the role of women.

    The actress, who plays Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives, is writing a follow-up to 2006 memoir Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies Of Life.

    She told DS that the as-yet-untitled work will be about "the sort of issues that all women face", saying: "You know, I love women. I am only just learning how to do things like be a mum, work and do everything the same things every other woman is dealing with.

    "[The book is] about living life in a multi-tasking world, in a world that demands you be this multi-tasking woman who has to get up in the morning and do this and that throughout the day to change five hats to be all these different things to all these different people.

    "Im going to write about what that feels like and how to do it better."

    It has been reported that Burnt Toast... is to be made into a TV series in the US.

    Showbiz - News - Hatcher: 'My second book is about women' - Digital Spy

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    wow, I can't wait.

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    Was her first book actually a success?
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