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Thread: Aaron Neville plans return to New Orleans area

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    Default Aaron Neville plans return to New Orleans area

    NEW ORLEANS - Aaron Neville is finally coming home to New Orleans almost.

    The R&B singer, who bought a house in Brentwood, Tenn., after Hurricane Katrina, said he's buying a home near Covington, across Lake Pontchartrain about 40 miles from New Orleans. He expects to close on the property in the coming weeks.
    "It's nice," he told The Times-Picayune newspaper for a story on its Web site Friday. "I can sit outside and watch the sun go down, then drive on in to New Orleans."
    Neville was on tour with the Neville Brothers when Katrina hit in August 2005, leaving much of the city under water. Though he watched the disaster unfold from a distance, he couldn't see himself returning.
    Now he says he wants to be nearer to his children. He hadn't returned until last year, to fulfill his wife's wish to be buried in her hometown, and he has visited family and friends in New Orleans several times since then.
    The city itself holds too many memories of the life he and his wife, Joel, shared, he says, and the place he found is on higher ground.
    "I don't want to run every time a hurricane comes," he said.

    Neville plans return to New Orleans area - Yahoo! News
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    Good for Aaron. People need to keep returning to New Orleans and trying to rebuild it.

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    thats good that he's doing this. its a good lead for people to follow.

    however i cannot stand his singing.
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    You don't like Arron Neville or the Neville Brothers?? Maybe it's what you grow up with-I love that man!
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