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Thread: The Hills' Whitney Port and Nicky Hilton, new BFF's?

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    Default The Hills' Whitney Port and Nicky Hilton, new BFF's?

    Nicky Hilton and Whitney Port are the latest to hop on the “unlikely friends” trend that has been starting to emerge in Hollywood.

    You’d never think to see these two galavanting around town together, a reality-tv star and an heiress, but low and behold, we saw the two arriving at Villa Lounge nightclub in West Hollywood last night together hand in hand. Whitney, carrying a Balenciaga bag, and Nicky were a little aggressive about letting us know that they were friends - they held on to each other a little too tightly. Rich girl BFFs: its SO sweet! We can already feel the cavities forming in our teeth. Ugh.

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    Lauren will go apeshit just like she always does when she finds out one of her friends has other friends besides her.

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    oh the staged drama!!

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    I like Whitney, seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.
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