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Thread: Liza Minelli hits London for first British tour in 20 years

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    Default Liza Minelli hits London for first British tour in 20 years

    With two false hips, a wired-up right knee, two crushed discs and a curved spine, patched up singer Liza Minnelli arrived in London for her first British tour in 20 years

    The 61-year-old legend strode through the airport, dressed in black, bravely wearing no make-up save for her trademark heavily pencilled in eyebrows.
    She appears to have bounced back from the health problems she suffered last year, when she collapsed on stage during a concert in Sweden.

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    Make-up free: The singer arrived without make-up, but not without her trademark heavily-pencilled eyebrows

    However, the singer revealed she still suffers with a litany of health problems, which stem from her years of performing.

    She said: "I have two false hips, a wired-up right knee, two crushed discs and scoliosis a curved spine. If I don't dance, I seize up."
    The ageing singer says she has been dancing for 90 minutes every day at a class in New York in the build-up to the tour.
    "I've never danced so much in my life," she says.

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    Veteran: Liza Minelli arrived in the UK today to prepare for her first British tour for 20 years

    Liza is in London preparing for the tour, which climaxes in Glasgow at the Clyde Auditorium, performing in Scotland for the first time.

    "To me, I'm just a showbiz gipsy, somebody who travels from job to job.
    "This whole living-legend thing always makes me feel like I'm hearing about somebody else anyway," she said.
    Showbiz legend: Liza as she appeared in the 1972 film Cabaret

    The daughter of Hollywood legend Judy Garland and film director Vincent Minnelli has survived viral encephalitis, hip and knee replacements, obesity, addictions to alcohol and prescription drugs, bitter divorces and tabloid headlines.

    She has joked: "From the waist down, I'm the Tin Man. They said I would never walk and talk again. I wanted to say, 'Bullsh*t!'"
    However, despite her health problems, she admits to one vice, smoking.
    She admitted: "I'm having such trouble even wanting to give them up.
    "When I'm singing, I allow myself three a day. Anyway, every singer I've ever known smokes. Look at Frank and Sammy and Dean."
    Minnelli won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Sally Bowles in the 1972 film Cabaret. She has been married four times, including to I'm A Celebrity contestant David Gest who she divorced in 2003.

    Patched up and make-up free: Liza Minelli hits London for first British tour in 20 years | the Daily Mail

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    God love her for coming out in public with only her eyebrows on.

    /Seriously, tho, Love Liza!
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    ^^^ Yah, lol, what is up with those sharpie brows?

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    i like Liza, she has a 'fuck you' attitude.
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