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Thread: Minnie Driver reveals her baby bulge... but still no word on Daddy

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    Default Minnie Driver reveals her baby bulge... but still no word on Daddy

    Pregnant actress Minnie Driver looked just swell as she revealed her growing baby bump at a film premiere in Los Angeles last night.

    Dressed in a cleavage-revealing baby-doll blouse, and matching black trousers, Minnie, 38, cut a sleek figure, even with her swelling bump at the premiere of film Street Kings at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

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    Revealed: Minnie Driver unveiled her growing baby bump on the red carpet in Los Angeles last night, but she is still reluctant to reveal who's the daddy


    Flying solo: pregnant Minnie has a busy summer ahead - with a tour promoting new album Seastories

    The British actress, 38, revealed her pregnancy in a blaze of publicity including an interview on US chat show Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    And last month on talk show Ellen, she revealed she was hoping for a girl.

    However, the Good Will Hunting star has remained tight-lipped regarding the identity of the baby's father. Despite being asked by Leno who the father was, Driver declined to reveal his name.
    But she appears to have embraced going solo while pregnant declaring she'll spend the summer "fat and happy".
    But she admitted that there is one part of the process she could do without.
    "I don't know why they call it morning sickness. I am sick morning, noon and night...but it's a fair trade off", she joked.
    The 38-year-old has a busy couple of months coming up - she has released an album, Seastories in the UK and is touring Europe, Hawaii and LA.
    But after that, Driver said, she'll be getting in plenty of pre-baby rest and relaxation.
    "I'm just going to have the summer to be fat and happy," she said.
    Fat and happy: Minnie has declared that she intends to spend her summer getting 'fat and happy'

    Looking swell: Minnie Driver reveals her budding bulge... but still no word on Daddy | the Daily Mail

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    Did she ever admit to what type of "Driver" it would be?
    I still like Pile Driver best.
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    She doesn't reveal it because she doesn't have to...

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    jeez she has got some ugly hands
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    I'm surprised these pics haven't been on D-Listed, yet- she has some good chi-chis going!

    She does look cute and wondering who Minnie Driver's baby-daddy is won't keep me up tonight.

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    I don't get it~ is she going to be a single mother, or is she just in a private relationship and doesn't want to give out his name?
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    I say she did a drive-by at a Sperm Bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    I say she did a drive-by at a Sperm Bank.
    That's what I think too! Society has just changed so much, even as early back as 30 years ago women who were single and pregnant were looked down upon. Good for her I say!

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    wasn't there a blind item a while back about an actress being pregnant but not telling anyone who the father was, or something along those lines? i wonder if it was about her

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    Awww I don't particuraly like her, but more power to her. I know that feeling of wanting to have a child. If I didn't have a loving husband to share it with me, I'd go the same route as her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdebagain View Post
    jeez she has got some ugly hands
    That is the FIRST thing I noticed. I happen to be her age, and can tell ya my hands dont look like that. Ew.

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