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Thread: Amy Winehouse invites gal pals over for sexy games

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    Default Amy Winehouse invites gal pals over for sexy games

    What REALLY went on when party girl Aisleyne boozed it up at Amy Winehouse's pad

    When former Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace was spotted knocking on Amy Winehouse's door in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, their unlikely friendship was sure to raise a few eyebrows.

    One is a former reality TV star with a well-groomed appearance, while the other is a troubled singer with a poor taste in clothes (that's when she decides to wear anything more than bra and shorts!).

    Now the details of their four-hour drinking session have emerged, with sources revealing the pair spent part of the night playing a racy game with a set of dice.

    A source said: "Amy really likes Aisleyne. To look at them you would never think they would get on but they really do.
    "They met through a mutual friend, Amy's personal hairdresser. Aisleyne was invited - she didn't just turn up randomly.

    "When Aisleyne first got there, the party had already started. There was loads of booze, including Jack Daniels and vodka, but the party really got started when Amy suggested that they play games using a pair of glow dice.

    "On one dice were actions such as 'kiss', 'hug' or whatever, and on the other dice were parts of the body, so 'neck' and 'belly'. I've only seen them in shops like Ann Summers, so it made everyone laugh."

    The fact that Amy, 24, invited close pals round to her London pad for a knees up and then, with the lights down low, encouraged them to "kiss" parts of her body, shows that her reported contagious skin condition has cleared up or at least we hope for Aisleyne's sake.

    The source added: "They played loads of games, not just the glow dice one, because everyone was in the mood to be silly.
    "Amy's quite a spontaneous cookie, and I think the silly mood got to her, so it was no surprise to anyone when she started to run around her place in her bra.

    "Everyone was just having such a great time doing shots, dancing and chatting, it was one of those nights that you don't plan for, it just happens.
    "I think Amy and Aisleyne will probably hook up again because they seemed to have a lot in common."

    But the 29-year-old former BB7 contestant is not the only one to have spent time with Amy. Last week, junkie rocker Pete Doherty paid a late-night visit. What REALLY went on when party girl Aisleyne boozed it up at Amy Winehouse's pad | the Daily Mail


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    Check out Amy's gut. And WTF's up with her arm????

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    sucking on a blow pop and playing with electrodes


    That's gross.

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    Did Pete D'Oherty need to score some drugs or something?

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    Pick a scab, win a prize.
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