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Thread: Miley Cyrus: dog detective

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    Default Miley Cyrus: dog detective

    Saturday, March 29, 2008
    Miley Cyrus: Dog Detective

    She’s been awfully busy lately with everything from working on her new album to rehearsing for Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. But Miley Cyrus still made time to help out a family friend.
    Yesterday, the “Hannah Montana” actress found out that a friend of her family had lost her Maltese pooch, and the news compelled her to action.

    Miley hopped on her bike to join the search brigade, and even ran home to make posters to put up around the neighborhood. Thankfully, the posters weren’t necessary, because when she returned to the friend’s house, the dog had been found, thanks to the paparazzi.
    After that whole fiasco, Miss Cyrus and her friends and family headed over to the exclusive Ivy restaurant to grab a bite to eat before hitting up the Beverly Center for a night of shopping.

    Miley Cyrus went shopping at the Beverly Center after helping her neighbors look for their lost dog

    Enjoy the pictures of Miley out at the Beverly Center and helping look for her neighbors’ lost pooch (March 28).

    Article Pictures (Click to enlarge):


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    A happy ending, good. Er, she's looking very thin

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    Her weight looks just fine to me.

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    She seems like a cute ,ordinary girl-I hope she gets to stay that way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    She seems like a cute ,ordinary girl-I hope she gets to stay that way!
    I agree. I see a lot of comments about how she is the next Brit, but i don't see it. I have high hopes for her.

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    Keep paying attention. Maybe the watched pot won't boil. But the right recipe is certainly there.
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