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Thread: Sienna Miller hitches a ride from strangers to escape the paparazzi

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    Default Sienna Miller hitches a ride from strangers to escape the paparazzi

    Sienna Miller was so keen to avoid the prying eye of the camera lens as she left a restaurant after a lunch date in Los Angeles yesterday, that she hitched a ride from a car load of strangers.

    Flustered Sienna, 26, seemed in a hurry to escape the attentions of Hollywood's ever-present paparazzi pack after lunching with former love, Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, 33, star of US drama Brothers and Sisters at a Hollywood restaurant.

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    Getaway girl: Sienna Miller, seen here with Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, appeared keen to avoid the paparazzi's lens in Los Angeles, yesterday


    The pair met on the set of the Dylan Thomas biopic The Edge Of Love and were reported to have enjoyed a number of dates last year during filming before she moved on to current love, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, 39.

    After leaving the restaurant with Rhys, a summery looking Sienna dressed casually in a yellow dress, a pretty look spoilt only by her battered grungy boots, soon found herself being trailed by photographers.

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    Harassed: A summery looking Sienna dressed in a cute yellow dress, and battered boots, was seen hurrying away from the unwelcome attention of the paparazzi

    But the young starlet is fast discovering that life in Hollywood requires a certain amount of resourcefulness.

    When some guys in a passing people carrier, seeing her distress, slowed down to offer her a ride, she was so reassured by their claim of "we aren't murderers or anything, you'll be safe", that she hopped in.
    The car then made a high speed departure complete with a tyre screech as Sienna said: "Go, go, go!"

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    Flustered: Sienna appeared to be flustered and in some distress after she was followed by the paparazzi, and a people carrier full of guys slowed down to offer her some assistance

    Hop in: The driver reassured her they were not 'murderers' and another passenger gave her a helping hand to get in the vehicle

    Sienna's boyfriend Rhys Ifans, 39, travelled back to London while she films blockbuster GI Joe with Dennis Quaid and Channing Tatum in Los Angeles.

    The couple, who have been dating for nine months are rumoured to be engaged and planning a summer wedding.
    And one person who isn't surprised that stunning Sienna has found love with the somewhat scruffy Rhys is his proud mother Beti-Wyn Evans.
    Beti-Wyn, 62 said: "Yes, I know what they say - that Rhys is this lanky, gawky guy from North Wales and he's hooked up with one of the world's most beautiful women, but my son is gorgeous too, you know.
    "He's a wonderful person and he's got charm - and what woman doesn't love charm?"
    Beti-Wyn, lives with retired husband Irwyn near Ruthin in North Wales, where Rhys and Sienna are reported to be house-hunting. She added: "They adore each other and I'm so pleased for them…They make a fantastic couple."

    The getaway girl: Flustered Sienna hitches a ride from strangers to escape the paparazzi | the Daily Mail

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    And the paps would be interested in her ... why? Does she even do anything anymore?

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    I still love her. This is funny, that she jumped in with a random carload of people to get away from the ph otogs.

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    Yep, he sure gave her a helping hand. It looks like he's getting ready to spank her.
    Women ain't gonna let a thing like sense fuck up their argument. - Chris Rock

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    Maybe they were Scientologists and that's their new tactic.

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