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Thread: Kate Beckinsale will keep her best feature under wraps, literally

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    Default Kate Beckinsale will keep her best feature under wraps, literally

    KATE BECKINSALE has vowed never to appear naked in a movie, after she was bullied at school when her actress mum stripped on TV.
    The episode traumatised Beckinsale - whose mother is veteran British TV star Judy Loe - and she is determined not to subject her nine-year-old daughter Lily to the same humiliation.
    She tells AOL Movies, "My mum was an actress, and she did a nude scene on television when I was about 9 or 10, and the crisis I had when everyone came to school the next day and told me they'd seen my mother naked just makes me kind of, you know ... I'm not in a big rush to do that to my child.
    "She's embarrassed enough that I'm an actress at all, without me being naked as well."

    NEWS BECKINSALE SWORN OFF NUDE SCENES Music, movie & Entertainment News

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    She just go on talking about it endlessly. That should be a big help for her daughter.

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