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Thread: Leonard Nimoy run! Tom Cruise is looking for you!

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    Talking Leonard Nimoy run! Tom Cruise is looking for you!

    Like A Pig In Shit

    Bitches on the set of the "Star Trek" movie were surprised to see Tommy Girl visiting the other day. This sparked rumors that he would possibly be making a cameo in the film. Please. Homegirl's every day life is a Stark Trek movie. A source told MSNBC's The Scoop that Tommy visited the set to chat with J.J. Abrams and he will not be in the movie. That sucks. He would have made a supersexy Yeoman Janice Rand.
    Tommy also was there, because he desperately wanted to meet Leonard Nimoy. A source said, “He asked J.J. if there’s a way he can meet Leonard Nimoy. He said he’d always really respected his work."
    Tommy was probably squirting up a storm at the thought of meeting Dr. Spock himself. Tommy wore his prized Spock underoos and asked Leonard if he would come to his office to "talk about a possible role in one of his films." You know how that ended for Katie.
    I'm sure Tommy also wanted to talk to the set designer about recreating the set in his Scientology dungeon. Role-playing fun!

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    If TommyGirl's stank permeates the Star Trek franchise, I'll never again see another movie or buy anything ST related.

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    Live long and prosper, I guess.

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    Quick! Someone get Nimoy to the getaway car!

    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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