While most actors are trying to become "musicians", there's still a lot of musicians trying to become "actors."
Joss Stone is the latest to attempt her luck at acting! The soul singer has just signed on to star in a new British comedy, Snappers, set to begin filming next month.
And what type of character will Joss be portraying?
Stone is set to play a lesbian.!
Says Joss, "The Script is so funny. I've been giggling to myself every day just thinking about the characters and what they get up to. I just wanted to challenge myself. There are things in the film that are going to really push the boundaries, and that excites me! I can also confirm there will be a long lingering French kiss, but it won't be with a male!"
Ohhh, the excitement!
Snappers is about a British actress who's in town to film a new movie. While there, she's constantly hounded by paparazzi, so she decides to leave her hotel and stay with the cast and crew at a local caravan park to avoid the paps. Then the rest of the plot features comedic scenes with the paps, and the main actress getting romantically involved with a loser, and so on.
Damn, it sounds like they're filming Britney's life…
Joss is set to play an entertainer and bingo caller. She plans to research the role in depth. Because we all know how hard it must be to call out B-4 and I-12!
And coincidentally enough, she's also going to produce the soundtrack for the film.
Stone says, "I am bringing my guys over from America for three months to work with me on the soundtrack and original score. I have already started writing songs for 'Snappers', I have been sleeping with a pad and pen in bed with me for the last three days and I keep jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to jot lyrics down."
What a hard worker that Joss Stone is.
And we're sure she's going to be a wonderfully horrific actress. Can you say Glitter???!!

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