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Thread: Gene Wilder curses cursing

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    Default Gene Wilder curses cursing

    Gene Wilder Curses Cursing

    Veteran comedian Gene Wilder has called on Hollywood to cut back on excessive swearing in films. The Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory star is fed up with hearing curse words in modern movies, and wishes writers would try and pen less predictable dialog that relies more on invention than vulgarity.
    Wilder, 74, says, "I'm so tired of the 'F' word in movies. Jimmy Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable - they didn't have to swear and they were powerful. You got everything. There's a film... I saw that if you didn't read or hear the dialog, it is a good story. And then every third sentence, every 2.5 sentence, they start (swearing) and it puts me off."

    Gene Wilder Curses Cursing - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    I agree. It's just not necessary. Bill Cosby said the same thing years ago about standup and came out with his own called "Bill Cosby: Himself". Funny as hell and not a curse in it.
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    Me,too! He is right. It gets old quick.
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    What the fuck?

    In all seriousness though, I do agree to an extent..
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    i agree with him. there's a limit though. fuckity fuck fuck.
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    I agree. It's just too distracting if it's overdone.

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    Amen Gene, I totally agree with him. Again, I'm no prude or "old fashioned" but I'm bloody tired of movies filled to the rim with the F bomb amongst others. I mean, is it all really necessary? Do people really go to the movies to be assaulted with curse words galore or think it is hip or cool? No wonder little kids have such potty mouths nowadays. Excessive swearing shows total lack of class, and in the movies it shows a complete lack of f**king plot.

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    ITA with him. It's not necessary, and it's just as irritating as watching a sidetracking sex moment on a movie screen. If people feel they need to include that in order to make the story interesting, then they shouldn't be making a movie in the first place.

    A bit off topic, but I was put off by Chris Rock's comedy specials because of this. I think he's hilarious, bit his overuse of the F word grew tiresome quickly.
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    I'm with you all. And I swear like a sailor (when acceptable). But as others stated, I don't need irrelevant gratuitous sex scenes and dialogue riddled with profanity in the movies I watch. There are just so many great ways to say things, and make them just as or more powerful, without using swear words.

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    A bit off topic, but I was put off by Chris Rock's comedy specials because of this. I think he's hilarious, bit his overuse of the F word grew tiresome quickly

    Totally me too. It sometimes shows ignorance too imo.

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    I agree that it can be used too much. It gets annoying as well as losing it's effect if it's used almost every other word.

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    I agree with him too. Goodfellas for example is one of my favourite films, but I found Joe Pesci's dropping of f-bombs three times every sentence very distracting. I actually started laughing at one point at the ridiculousness of it, which was really not in keeping with the mood of the film.

    And he's right that it shows a poverty of imagination. The quality of dialogue in film has gone waaaayy down since the good old days. Just compare the dialogue in Double Indemnity with that of... let's say, The Departed. I really didn't need to hear so much 'gynelogical profanity' coming out of Jack Nicholson's mouth, repulsive old fart that he's become. It's something I notice very often when watching old films; the dialogue is a lot more inventive and fun to listen to than you get in today's average film.

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