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Thread: Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin dating Marla Maples?

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    Default Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin dating Marla Maples?

    Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin didn’t need the hit ABC show to find his future mate.

    Since returning from a military mission in Palau, the naval doctor, 31, has been “quietly dating” Donald Trump’s ex, Marla Maples, 44.

    The two took a romantic getaway to the Hawaiian island of Lanai over Easter weekend, a source tells

    "On Easter morning, Andy and Marla helped kids at [their Four Seasons Hotel] search for Easter eggs and they had a great time," the source says.

    They first met last year, says the source, and even spent New Year’s together.

    Adds the insider, “He is inspired by her.” | Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin & Marla Maples Get Cozy in Hawaii

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    He's INSPIRED by her? What's inspirational about her? The way she decorated Mar-a-Lago? I don't understand.

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    He's ugly.

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    sucking on a blow pop and playing with electrodes


    Yeah, he is.

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