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Thread: Simon Cowell roars up in his $1million supercar to view his $8million mansion

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    Default Simon Cowell roars up in his $1million supercar to view his $8million mansion

    X Factor supremo Simon Cowell cut more than a dash as he roared up in Beverly Hills, in his $1million luxury car to look at the $8million Beverly Hills mansion he is currently building.

    With former model girlfriend Terri Seymour by his side, some might say that he's absolutely living the good life.

    Cowell arrived in his $1million Bugatti Veyron to cast his eye over work being done on his luxury home, which has risen from the ground after he razed the original building in 2005 to make way for a new five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion.

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    Living the good life: Multi-millionaire Simon Cowell arrived at his $8million mansion, in his $1million Bugatti Veyron sports car, with his stunning ex-model girlfriend Terri Seymour, in Beverly Hills yesterday

    Viewing: The X Factor boss arrived to see the progress on the building works at his new home, which is being built from the ground up after he demolished the previous house on the site


    Work began on the American Idol judge's dream pad 18 months ago in 2006, but it doesn't yet appear to be ready to be inhabited.

    The new building is 8,000 square-feet and will also house a gym, a hi-tech media room and of course, no Beverly Hills homes is complete without a swimming pool.
    Meanwhile, the X Factor supremo revealed his novel way of passing the time.

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    Million dollar pad: The house in Beverly Hills will have every conceivable luxury, including five-bedrooms, six-bathrooms, a hi-tech media centre, gym, and swimming pool

    Sunshine state: The palm-tree fringed grounds of Cowell's home in the sun-drenched state of California

    In Hollywood Hills home he currently shares with girlfriend Terri, Simon has installed a telescope in his kitchen after being inspired by Dudley Moore's classic film comedy, '10'.

    Simon apparently has a telescope pointing out of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Hollywood Hills mansion he shares with girlfriend Terri Seymour.

    The lens is focused on the sprawling gardens of the mansions surrounding Simon's plush and he counts Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta and Christina Aguilera among his neighbours.
    Model looks: Girlfriend Terri Seymour will be sharing the new mansion with boyfriend Simon, but they have no plans to marry

    Simon told The Mirror: "I look out over the Hollywood Hills into my neighbours' gardens. It's an amazing view.

    "It isn't powerful enough to see into their homes - so you can't see them in the shower - but you can see into their gardens. He added: "It's great fun. I just like to keep an eye on what is happening."

    The good life: Simon Cowell roars up in his $1million supercar to view his $8million mansion | the Daily Mail

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    Love the Car and the House and Simon. The girlfriend seems pretty cool too.

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    Awesome house!

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    I love Simon. That bitch is lucky.

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    He could have all teh money in the world and he's still be a high-waisted trouser wearing tool who treats his girlfriend like crap. Plus, he's ugly, mean-spirited and has a tremendously large rod up his ass. Anyone else see him on Top Gear? If I were Clarkson I would have told him to fuck right off.
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