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Thread: Kelly Osbourne has pneumonia

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    Default Kelly Osbourne has pneumonia

    Kelly Osbourne Has Pneumonia

    Kelly Osbourne has had a miserable Easter weekend after coming down with pneumonia in Hollywood. The pop star was spotted leaving a medical center in Los Angeles early on Monday, carrying a bag of medication.
    She confided in a paparazzo that she felt "terrible" and really wasn't in the mood to be photographed.
    A bystander said, "She looked awful - really frail and no make-up."

    Kelly Osbourne Has Pneumonia - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    Wild. I thought you had to be somewhere cold and damp to get liquid-lung. Somehow I always pictured Hollyweird as hot and dry (albeit smoggy as Hell).
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    how many celebs have pneumonia now? Is it that big an epidemic?
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    Let me get CNN on the phone....they should be aware of this immediately.

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    Wait! Kelly Osbourne has pneumonia and the world is still spinning?!?!! How dare we do that!

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    Usually I can't stand Kelly... but I've had a really sore throat over the whole easter weekend, which led to stuffy sinuses and now the throat pain is going away and I think I'm getting a chest infection.

    Trust me to be sick on Easter.

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    She looks awful when she feels good and wears make up, too.

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