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Thread: Amy Winehouse's mother: 'Amy is making me ill'

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    Default Amy Winehouse's mother: 'Amy is making me ill'

    Winehouse's Mother: 'Amy Is Making Me Ill'

    Amy Winehouse's mother Janis is to take a break from caring for her daughter as worries over the star's recent drug problems have been affecting her health. Janis, 53, was recently diagnosed with debilitating disease multiple sclerosis and admits that the stress of looking after the troubled singer has been making the condition worse.
    Winehouse checked into a rehab clinic in London earlier this year after a video showing her allegedly taking a variety of illegal substances was passed on to British newspaper The Sun. And the star's mother, along with Amy's father Mitch, has been charged with helping her through her problems.
    However, Janis insists she can no longer keep up and reluctantly agreed to step away from the 22-year-old for the sake of her own health. She says, "I physically can't cope with all the running around Mitch does to try and keep her out of trouble. I had a relapse recently and I don't' want another one."

    Winehouse's Mother: 'Amy Is Making Me Ill' - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    She makes me ill too.
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    A friend of mine at church gets horrible migraines every time she talks to her son. His life is a lot like Amy's, without the super stardom.
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    The stress her parents have to deal with must be enormous.

    Amy is a selfish bitch, and it is about time she got out of her self serving drug addiction and woke up! She has talent - but she is losing it fast and unfortunately it has taken a backseat to her antics.

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    makes me ill everytime i see a pic of her or hear about her antics. have you seen those nude pics. jeez. wanted to vomit
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    Good, she's a grown ass woman and if she wants to kill herself with crack, let her.

    There's only so much leeching you can let people do.
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