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Thread: Ryan Phillippe: 'Jake Gyllenhaal is a good dude'

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    Default Ryan Phillippe: 'Jake Gyllenhaal is a good dude'

    Ryan Phillippe wishes ex wife Reese Witherspoon happiness with her new beau Jake Gyllenhaal.

    "He's a good dude," Phillippe said on The Howard Stern Show Thursday. "I love her and I want her to be happy, and it seems like she is."

    Phillippe described his 2007 divorce from Witherspoon as a "mutual" decision.

    "Leading up to it, we had been spending so much time apart," he explained. "That's a huge part of it. There are so many obstacles."

    The Stop-Loss star, 33, spent much of the interview denying hook-ups with an array of famous women.

    A make-out session with Britney Spears in May 2007? "Not true," the actor said.

    Hooking up with Ashlee Simpson in March 2007? "Again, not true," Phillippe responded. "I stood next to her at a place called Les Deux, a club in Los Angeles."

    Sex with his I Know What You Did Last Summer costar Jennifer Love Hewitt? "I did not have sex with [her]," he said. "It did occur to me. She was very young and her mother was there all the time... but I was in a hot tub with her when she was 18."

    "I know Lindsay Lohan wanted you," Stern pressed.

    "Yeah," Phillippe responded.

    Phillippe conceded to Stern that Angelina Jolie is "probably" the hottest actress he's filmed a love scene with.

    "Is she very sexual?" Stern asked.

    "I would think so, yeah," Phillippe responded, though he also denied hooking up with the actress while they filmed 1998's Playing By Heart.

    source: | Ryan Phillippe: Jake Gyllenhaal is "a Good Dude"
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    I wonder who was the bottom, Ryan or Jake?

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    I'd find Ryan and Jake more believable as a couple than Jake and Reese.

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    Yeah, Jake is one he's most likely to have hooked up with. He's definitely a better option than Ashlee, Lohan and Spears - that's an unholy trinity of VDs.
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