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Thread: Bobby Brown needs a loan -- for $20 bucks

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    Default Bobby Brown needs a loan -- for $20 bucks

    Bobby Brown Needs a Loan -- For $20 Bucks

    Posted Mar 21st 2008 1:21PM by TMZ Staff
    Bobby "Brokedown" Brown has hit a new low. Now he's stiffing the working man!

    We hear Brown was in St. Louis for a concert a few weeks ago, and hired a chauffeur to transport him and his entourage from the airport to their hotel.

    Sources say Bobby and crew enlisted in the help of a couple of airport skycaps to load his massive luggage. Bobby's brother, el cheapo Tommy, asks the chauffeur, "So, do you guys take care of the skycaps or what?" The shocked driver informed the Brown crew that it's not a part of his job description to pay for skycaps -- so we're told Bobby asked for a loan!

    Our source says Brown asked, "Hey, man, do you have like ten or twenty dollars on you?" Evidently with all the people traveling with Bobby -- they didn't have enough cash to scrape up 20 bucks!

    The driver loaned Brown the money, and dropped him off at his hotel -- but our source says Bobby never came back down to pay his debt!

    Whitney must be laughing all the way to the ATM.

    Bobby Brown Needs a Loan -- For $20 Bucks - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Me and Bobby Brown cannot be in the same state at the same time. That amount of insanity at once is against the law of physics.

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    Jeez, what a fucking loser. How dare he stiff the limo driver. That poor guy works hard for his money.

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    I guess it wasn't Bobby's perogative to have any cash on him.

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