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Thread: Steve-O says his mom gave him alcohol as a baby

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    Default Steve-O says his mom gave him alcohol as a baby

    Steve-O says his mom gave him alcohol as a baby

    An actual photo of Steve-O drinking as a toddler, found on his myspace
    Steve-O, the Jackass star who recently checked into rehab for his drug and alcohol issues, has posted a goodbye letter to drugs and alcohol on his official blog. Steve-O addresses his motherís alcoholism, and the fact he was given the alcohol as a child, which was not uncommon, it was often used to make babies sleep. Donít try this!
    On his childhood exposure to alcohol:
    Mom was very alcoholic, and I feel that is a gross understatement. Iíd love to say that I first took to alcohol out of affection for my mother (there was never any shortage of that for me) but I think the truth is that I was always powerless over it. I know I was always powerless over alcoholism, because it had such a grip on Momís adulthood and my childhood, and I never chose to fight it. Until now. Dad was a corporate executive whose job required the family to travel the world fairly extensively and both Mom and Dad were quite self conscious of how they were perceived by others. We were frequently on airplanes and, before Mom and Dad would find themselves in the embarrassing position of being caught by other passengers with a crying baby, I was fed alcohol.
    [From Steve-Oís myspace]
    Steve-O also talks about his attempts to kick his vices, his abusive behavior towards loved ones, his belief in a higher power to help him (this is a very large part of most rehab programs), and the affect his addictions have had on his work, finances and personal life. He ends the blog with this statement.
    At this point,
    All you fucking things are good for is dying. Iím not ready to die. Iím ready to live. Iím ready to breathe (properly, even). Iím ready to fall in love. Iím ready to become ready to start a family. Iím ready to be happy, fulfilled and meaningful. Maybe Iíll see you fukkers if and/or when Iím ready to die.
    [From Steve-Oís myspace]
    I really appreciate how hard it can be to kick an addiction after reading this letter. I hope you can get past your addictions Steve-O. It can take a lot work and many attempts to get beyond a drug and alcohol dependency.

    Note by Celebitchy: Iíve been keeping up with Steve Oís blog and he seems like heís coming to terms with his issues and trying to make sense of his life so far. He also comes off as a lot smarter and self aware than you might assume. We wish him the best.
    These photos are from Steve-Oís myspace of him as a baby and a kid.

    Cele|bitchy Ľ Blog Archive Ľ Steve-O says his mom gave him alcohol as a baby
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    I hope he gets better. I say good for him for addressing his issues and working towards a better life.

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    wow that picture (of him drinking as a baby) is really fucked up

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    Good Luck, Steve-o. Its really brave of him to be so public about this, but I suppose since we've seen him do beer enemas and wave his dick around, he may as well get clean in public, too.

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    He was actually kind of a cute kid. That's fucked up, how his mother willingly gave him that shit. That explains some of his problems.

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    I totally think his mother is in the wrong for giving him alcohol, but its been his decision to continue using and acting like a douchbag. It seems no one can take responsibility for their own actions, it's always someone else's fault. Kudos to him for trying though, can't fault him there...
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    I also choose to believe the rumors because I am, when it is all said and done, a dirty gossip.

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