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Thread: Tom Cruise once hired accused P.I

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    Default Tom Cruise once hired accused P.I

    HOLLYWOOD - Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has been dragged into the trial of a celebrity private investigator accused of illegal practice.

    Anthony Pellicano and former Los Angeles cop Mark Arneson are charged with running an illegal wiretapping and information-gathering network. Famous names Steven Seagal, Farrah Fawcett, Garry Shandling and Warren Beatty have already been linked with the case.

    Now it has emerged that Cruise once hired Pellicano--on the advice of his longtime lawyer Bert Fields--to find out the identity of people following him, according to court testimony.

    The P.I.'s assistant Lily LeMasters claimed she overheard her boss and Arneson discussing Cruise's case, reports New York gossip column
    Tom Cruise Once Hired Accused P.I. at

    No surprise there. It seems to fit his M.O

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    I wonder if it will be revealed who was following him? Because that would be all kinds of interesting.

    Could he be getting followed by his own people? Or the feds for some reason or another, while the feds are sniffing out his high up friends in the CoS? Eli Lily mayhaps?

    Or just some wacky fantard, back when he had fans.. all those years ago.
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