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Thread: Simon Cowell has a heart

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    Default Simon Cowell has a heart

    Simon Cowell Has a Heart!

    (Getty Images)

    He's known as a meanie on American Idol, but today on Oprah Simon Cowell revealed what a big heart he really has.

    The British judge, whose known for his bitter tongue, decided to take part in Oprah's Big Give program in a big way -- by paying off the mortgage of a couple who are struggling with their daughter's debilitating cancer.

    Amy and Randy must travel more than 100 miles from their home each day so that their daughter Madeline can receive treatments.

    In order to lessen the burden on the family, Simon decided to pay off the family's $162,000 mortgage.

    "I never knew that doing good could feel so good," said Simon.

    OK! Magazine - First for Celebrity News - Simon Cowell Has a Heart!
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    He's kind of sexy in a way

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    I love Simon!

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    He's hot.
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    He's an arrogant bastard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    He's an arrogant bastard.
    yup, go on oprah and announce to the world that you're paying off one couple's mortgage. Whoop dee doo, give him the nobel peace prize.

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    ^Yeah, as usual they have to do a 'good deed' in the public eye. Everyone has to know about it for them to feel good.

    I love Simon though, I think he's sexy.

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