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Thread: Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter) wants to starve herself for 10 days?

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    Default Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter) wants to starve herself for 10 days?

    Bonnie (17) left a few messages on her myspace and it seems like she's going on some weird "diet" where she doesn't eat. Why is she trying to lose weight? She is already pretty thin as it is!

    Bonnie Wright (no network) wrote
    at 11:40am on March 14th, 2008:
    Oh dear that doesn't sound tasty.
    I am doing okay starting to get a bit hungry.
    But its mad to see how easy you can pass a day without eating!
    However bit worried about 10 days!!
    How are we gonna do it??
    ahh, xxxx

    Bonnie Wright (no network) wrote
    at 11:00am yesterday
    Hows it going?
    I had to have lunch today. I literally couldn't focus on my photography write up.


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    Yeah that'll work


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    That's pretty stupid and won't last.

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    She sure is cute.

    I remember people saying how ugly she was in the first and second movies...(which c'mon she was only like 9/10 years old then!) and how Ginny was supposed to be 'hot'...

    Well, she's definately grown into her looks.

    Hopefully she'll get more lines in Half Blood Prince.

    As for this little 'diet,' it won't last honey and even if it does then it'll become a full fledged eating disorder.

    The brain doesn't need blood. It just needs to be kept wet.

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    WTF is up with all these Harry Potter kids and their transgressions? Did some stupid journalist (Perez or Harvey's Kids) go over there looking for shit. Next we'll hear that the kid who plays Ron Weasley only changes his knickers once a week. Bizarre!
    as privileged as a whore...victims in demand for public show, swept out through the cracks beneath the door, holier than thou, how?

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