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Thread: Brandon Davis - greasy, broke & now a thief?

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    Default Brandon Davis - greasy, broke & now a thief?

    Oil Heir Loses Another Couch
    Posted Mon. Mar. 17, 2008 7:11am by Page Six Filed Under Fresh Ink

    BRANDON "Greasy Bear" Davis, grandson of the late oil billionaire Marvin Davis, has worn out his welcome as a houseguest of one of his few friends, music producer Scott Storch. The other night, "Brandon and Scott went out and Brandon went back to Scott's place and crashed on the couch," a source said. "The next morning, when Scott got up, Brandon was already gone — and so was Scott's $100,000 diamond encrusted watch that had been in the same room the night before. Scott called Brandon and told him the watch was missing but, 'It's OK — I just got a new security system, so everything's on tape.' " After learning he'd be caught, Davis "started crying hysterically and saying, 'Please don't tell anyone — I'll bring it back.' Scott felt bad for him and got his watch back like an hour later, so he didn't call the police."
    When Page Six asked Storch about the episode, he would only say, "I heard about this. Give peace a chance." Davis couldn't be reached.
    Brandon Davis & Scott Storch's $100,000 diamond encrusted watch
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    Both Davis and Storch are either broke or going broke. Karma is a bitch.

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    I read this story earlier today and it downright warmed my heart and gave me hope that maybe there is a small sense of justice in the world every once in a while after all.
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    karma does happen!
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    I think it's hilarious that he obviously keeps his oil inheritance on his person. Greasy indeed.

    And yes, what a loser. How low that a person with his money steals. And from a friend. Good old karma strikes again.

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    Oh how the greasy have slid - forced to steal from Scott Storch - that's almost as pathetic as getting banned from the Hustler Store. Who's Gummi stealing from - people leaving the drive through's at In and Out's?
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    DO NOT use John Lennon lyrics to defend Greasy. Gaaahhh!!

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