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Thread: Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton make it right in New Orleans

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    Default Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton make it right in New Orleans

    Brad Pitt took a break from filming in Texas to join Bill Clinton in New Orleans on Sunday. The two met up with hundreds of volunteers in the Lower 9th Ward to begin building homes for Katrina victims as part of Brad's Make It Right program. The volunteers were rewarded with autographs, pictures and one lucky lady even got to dance with sexy Brad. On getting started on the new homes, he said, "We hope to see a huge change here in the next six months."

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    I thought they had already started to build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    Dear God in Heaven! This is just all kinds of fug. Looks like a back country goober who's best friend is a mule named Nellie.

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    ^^He needs to lose the peepaw hat.
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