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Thread: Lindsay Lohan: "I put myself in 'wrong' situations"

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    Default Lindsay Lohan: "I put myself in 'wrong' situations"

    It's been nearly six months since Lindsay Lohan checked out of Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah. And now the actress is opening up about the lifestyle that led her to rehab.

    "I think it was just situations that I was putting myself in," she told PEOPLE at a photo exhibit last week at N.Y.C.'s The Atelier. "I was putting myself in the wrong situations and I didn't have the focus in the right place."

    Since leaving, Lohan, 21, said she's rid herself of bad influences and hangers-on. "I did – I changed things," she insisted.

    The starlet also said she keeps in touch with the friends she met at Cirque Lodge and that her family has helped keep her on track.

    "My family has always been important to me, and they've always supported me," said Lohan, who reunited with her estranged dad, Michael, while in rehab. "I'm blessed to have a really wonderful family."

    Career Revival

    After a tumultuous 2007, Lohan's career seems to be back on track. She's recording a new album and begins filming the Jack Black movie Ye Olde Times this spring. ("I'm excited to go and do a comedy," she says.) And Chapter 27, which costars Jared Leto, is set to open later this month.

    So does Lohan view this as her comeback? "I think this is what I love to do," she said. "I'm just continuing to do it – in the right ways."

    source: Lindsay Lohan: I Put Myself in 'Wrong Situations' - Lindsay Lohan :
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    well linds dear, that is a big fat NO SHIT
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    I wish I could say otherwise, but I'm not convinced she's going to stay on track. After 3 stints in rehab, it's clear she needs to move away from Hollywood - fly in for meetings only - and develop a life independent of her previous depraved existence. She does not seem to get this or won't because she craves attention. I don't think this one is going to have a happy ending.

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    Who's she trying to convince? The public, or herself? Sounds more like the latter to me.

    I agree, she doesn't seem to understand that she needs to do more than get rid of a few bad influences...there are plenty more out there if she doesn't completely change her lifestyle.

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    120 days, thats what we need to wait till we know it this is pure BS or not...

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