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Thread: Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner back Barack Obama

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    Default Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner back Barack Obama

    Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Back Barack Obama

    Charlize Theron will be using her first vote as a U.S. citizen to support presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The South African-born actress recently became an American and admits she cannot wait to vote in a new American President.
    She tells WENN, "I looked at the candidates when I couldn't vote. I've lived in this country for a long time now and I feel very much at home here, so I definitely have an opinion and I'm definitely watching the race very closely.
    "I'm a huge Barack supporter. I like what this guy has to say. I know there's this whole question of his experience, but I think, when you look at all the great leaders that we've had, I'd go with the guy with the least experience but the one that actually wants to cause some real change.
    "I think there's something really inspiring and infectious about him. I think this guy's onto something. I like him."
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are also going public with their support for Obama by hosting a fundraiser for the Democrat. Affleck will return home to Boston, Massachusetts with his wife on Sunday to oversee the star-studded, $250-a-head party.

    Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Back Barack Obama - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    Celebrities endorsing candidates really puts me off. It seems to be a really big thing in the US.

    Recently we here in Australia had our elections, and I really don't recall much celebrity endorsment.

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    I don't understand why people get all in a dither over celebrities backing presidential hopefuls. They have just as much right to voice their opinion as I do. the only difference is someone prints their opinions. You don't have to listen. She is just speaking her mind as she has every right to do.

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