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Thread: Gabrielle Carteris sues producers over choking scene

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    Default Gabrielle Carteris sues producers over choking scene

    Gabrielle Carteris Sues Producers Over Choking Scene

    Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Gabrielle Carteris is suing the producers of the movie that left her with permanent nerve damage.
    The actress, 47, was left partly paralyzed after a choking scene in 2006 TV movie "Past Tense" went too far - and left her with no feeling in parts of her body, and her face disfigured.
    She admits it was the cast and crew on the film that first noticed there was something wrong.
    Carteris recalls, "On camera, my face started to change... It was like I became The Joker. I started crying and I said, `I'm so embarrassed.'"
    The actress has gone public with her now-manageable spasms, which, at one point, left her with a speech impediment - and now she's seeking retribution.
    In her lawsuit, Carteris claims the producers put her in "unreasonable risk of physical harm." According to U.S. news show Access Hollywood, the producers have denied the accusations.
    Carteris reveals medication has helped her control the nerve damage but cold weather and loud music can still trigger her spasms.

    Gabrielle Carteris Sues Producers Over Choking Scene - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    interesting, i didnt know this
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    sounds like a total crock
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    This is awful, I had no idea. I didn't know violent scenes were supposed to be that harmful.

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    She expects us to believe she did not feel anything when she was being choked? Someone squeezes hard enough to cause permanent damage and there was no indication during the act?


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    Well, if you can do damage with simple everyday things, like opening a jammed window, I don't see why something like this couldn't happen. I rolled over wrong this morning and I haven't been able to move my head most of the day and have had the tingles in my hand off and on. It sucks getting old.
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    So she didn't die?

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