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Thread: Leonardo DiCaprio joins junk mail crusade

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    Default Leonardo DiCaprio joins junk mail crusade

    Leo Joins Junk Mail Crusade
    Posted Fri. Mar. 14, 2008 12:47pm by Philip Recchia Filed Under Adrian Grenier, Alicia Silverstone, Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio can’t stand unsolicited missives showing up in his mailbox.

    So the screen idol, 33 — along with fellow environmentalist Adrian Grenier — has joined a new move to establish a national Do Not Mail Registry.

    Quietly launched February 29 by international environmental group ForestEthics, which protects endangered woodlands, the campaign is urging Americans to sign a petition demanding the federal government make it possible for citizens to say adios to junk mail — much in the way it did with 2003’s Do Not Call Registry.

    At the moment, more than 25,000 people have signed the petition.
    In addition to Leo (who, just became signer No. 22,816) and Adrian, other celebs have been quick to add their John Hancocks to the online list, including Darryl Hannah, 47, and Alicia Silverstone, 31.

    Griped Adrian, 31, “Junk mail is more than an annoying waste of time, it’s a waste of our environment!”

    Leonardo DiCaprio on board with Do Not Mail Registry
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    God he looks busted for 33.
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    the Do Not mail registry is a petition deal. the letter goes to Nancy Pelosi. koff koff
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    I signed to stop the junkmail.
    Now where do i sign for Leo to get rid of
    that ugly beard and mustache.

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    He needs to shave all that NOW!
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    I hate junk mail! But I bet they don't do anything about it since every piece you get needs a stamp, which in turns makes money for the gov.
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    ^ except most major companies are working on government loans (that's right, large corporations are HUGE welfare mamas!!) so ever stamp tax they pay, the tax payers pay them for.
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    I hate the bank/creditcard company junkmails. I don't want an account with you, don't send me shit, I'm not interested!

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    Good for him.

    Junk mail is a nuisance and a waste of trees.

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