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Thread: Richard Gere arrest warrant suspended in India

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    Default Richard Gere arrest warrant suspended in India

    Gere arrest warrant suspended in India

    Friday, March 14 2008, 12:36 GMT
    By Beth Hilton, Entertainment Reporter
    An arrest warrant issued against Richard Gere for kissing Shilpa Shetty has been suspended.

    Gere kissed and hugged the Celebrity Big Brother winner at an AIDS awareness event in India last April.

    A court in Jaipur subsequently categorised it as "an obscene act" and authorised his arrest.

    However, two judges put an indefinite hold on the warrant during a hearing at India's Supreme Court, saying: "Richard Gere is free to enter the country. This is the end of the matter."

    They said complaints against celebrities were filed for "cheap publicity" and had "brought a bad name to the country".

    Gere's lawyer had appealed to stop the warrant ahead of a planned visit by the actor, who regularly spends time in India as a Buddhist and campaigner.

    Showbiz - News - Gere arrest warrant suspended in India - Digital Spy
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    Just don't go back to India.

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    Phew! Close call.

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    Lesson to be learned from this incident ... try to be more respectful of the culture in a foreign country.

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    Whatever, I think the whole thing was ridiculous anyway.
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