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Thread: Anthony Pellicano and Chris Rock's phone call leaked

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    Default Anthony Pellicano and Chris Rock's phone call leaked

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    Private detective, Anthony Pellicano, is currently facing charges for unlawful wiretapping and racketeering. The Huffington Post got a hold of a 31-minute conversation between Anthony and his client Chris Rock in 2001. The call is about a woman named Monica Zsibrita. Monica claimed Chris Rock raped her and was the father of her baby. Rape charges were never filed and it was proven that Chris was not her baby daddy. Chris admitted to taking Monica to a few events and sleeping with her while he was separated from his wife. In the recording Anthony said he's gotten a hold of the police report (something he shouldn't have) and reads from it to Chris.

    HuffPo has the entire 31-minute conversation if you want to listen to it, but here are some highlights. I love it when Chris talks dirty to me:

    Rock: "I know the night we went to the Ivy she had on white pants. I only noticed cause my wife's real classy and subdued and I'm out with a girl with big tits and white pants. It's just, I know people were like, 'heeey'."
    Pellicano (reading from report): "He tried to pull out and ejaculated on her thighs. She immediately got up and went to the bathroom where she cleaned up with a Kleenex. She put the Kleenex in her pocket."
    Rock: I've been so set up...
    Pellicano: Did you come on her thighs?...
    Rock: I had a rubber on. I probably took it off right when I was getting ready to come. I probably came on her ass.
    Pellicano: We're going to get her one way or the other... Does your old lady know what's going on?
    Rock: No. She thinks it's over, put it that way. She knows of it.
    Rock: Rape is just fucking, buzz, you know?... Once your accused of rape, you're just FUCKED, you know?
    Pellicano: That's why i want to blacken this girl up, totally. I want to make her out to be a lying, scumbag, manipulative cocksucker... Stupid bitch
    Rock: I'm fucked. I'm better getting caught with needles in my arm. WAY better. Needles, with pictures, there's Chris Rock shooting heroin. Much better blow to the career.

    Pellicano is a fucking gem. The best part of the tape is when he starts screaming at his secretary. I picture her with teased out hair, candy pink lip gloss and sea green eyeshadow. Basically, she's hot.
    While skimming through this phone call I was waiting for Anthony to say, "So you want me know....make her pull a Houdini?" That's easy to do. Just put her in the sequel to "Pootie Tang."
    I think I need some Purell for my ears.

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    I am sure Chris paid him to do all his wrong doings.

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    I cannot wait for this PI's shit to come out. I'm sure this is extremely tame compared to the REAL stuff ie; Tom & Nicole, etc.

    Hope its soon please please please please!!

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    This guy has been fixing up Hollywood's messes for years. Late producer Don Simpson was practically in love with him , for his ability to make problems go away. If even half his shit ever gets out - & in the information age it's a lot harder for Hollywood to keep the lid on, the way they used to - look out. It'll change the way people think about Hollywood, & many of their favourite stars for ever!

    This is 'the' show biz story.

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    As scummy as Pellicano is, I totally believe that this woman set up Chris Rock from the get-go. I mean, even DNA tests proved the kid wasn't his. I think she cried rape at the last minute to get some money out of him. I don't see this as so scandalous, he was separated from his wife and evidently she knows about them sleeping together, I think he was just trying to keep the "rape" screams from going public. Unfortunately I think this probably happens to rich famous guys a lot, girls scamming to get money. Not that I think this (rape) couldn't happen, I just don't think it happened here.
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    ^^pretty much agree. Rock doesn't strike me as the type, but then again who knows. It'll be funny when everything comes out, although I'm not sure it will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnieD View Post
    I cannot wait for this PI's shit to come out. I'm sure this is extremely tame compared to the REAL stuff ie; Tom & Nicole, etc.

    Hope its soon please please please please!!

    LOL Me too

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    When will we hear the rest? I'm surprised that it ever got to this point, I thought that he must've had some judges, etc in his pocket to escape thus far!....
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    I don't think CR raped anyone either.

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    I don't think Chris rock raped her.

    And I hope all these stories come out soon!

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