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Thread: Adam Sandler gives Mariah Carey special gift

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    Default Adam Sandler gives Mariah Carey special gift

    Adam Sandler Gives Mariah Carey Special Gift

    Marilyn Monroe-obsessed Mariah Carey recently received a special gift from funnyman Adam Sandler - a replica of the movie icon's 'leaning board.' Sandler heard the pop superstar, who owns Monroe's piano, was looking for a film prop similar to the one her heroine used for costume changes on movie sets - and realized he had one.
    The comedian gave Carey the board as a thank-you to her for appearing in his new film You Don't Mess With The Zohan.
    Carey says, "When actresses of the day had to be sewn into costumes they had to use a leaning board. Adam had one from an old movie and I really liked it, so he had another one made in pink and sent to me."

    Adam Sandler Gives Mariah Carey Special Gift - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    ....two people I'd like to push off of the edge of the world.....

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    I love Adam Sandler. Mariah Carey, not so much.
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    Made in pink, haha. Reminds me of a photo I saw of her in a magazine a few years ago where she was lying on a pink bed covered in Hello Kitty dolls. Very high maintenance.

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    I woulda thought he gave her a special gift of herpez...

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    Awww what a nice guy. I was expecting to read that he'd sent her a poop in a pink basket or something
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    i was hoping the gift would be a brain
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