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Thread: Did Jason Castro ditch orphans for American Idol?

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    Default Did Jason Castro ditch orphans for American Idol?

    Jason Castro: Ditches Orphans for "Idol"?
    Posted Mar 13th 2008 2:30PM by TMZ Staff
    It's 3:00 AM. Jason Castro is asleep in his bed. Two phones ring: one has Simon Cowell on the line, the other is a group of orphans in Honduras who need a home. Which phone does Jason answer?

    Soft-spoken Jason Castro, a junior at Texas A&M, was inducted into the Aggie Mens Club this past fall -- an organization that provides a "social atmosphere of Christian fellowship and brotherhood." They're currently on a trip to Honduras, donating time and money ($14,000) to build homes and orphanages.

    TMZ spoke to Chris, the Club's president, who's now in the country's poverty-stricken capital, Tegucigalpa. Chris spoke highly of Jason -- saying Jason would likely have joined the 14 guys who are in Honduras right now ... but for "Idol."

    BTW, the guys way down south caught Jason's performance Tuesday night -- thank God for Honduras cable.

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    Was I the only one who was mildly amused, that there was a Castro and a Noriega on this season?

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    i love Jason Castro. if i was a LOT younger, i'd still be his good looking older sister.
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    Oh big deal. TMZ is so lame.

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    Exactly, what's the big deal - that's not even a story.

    TMZ should just shut down

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