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Thread: Lock up your daughters; Joe Francis is free

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    Default Lock up your daughters; Joe Francis is free

    Joe Francis is free

    March 12th, 2008

    Joe Francis is free
    Joe Francis is officially a free man. The Girls Gone Wild founder plead no contest to child abuse and prostitution charges for videotaping underage girls in the spring break mecca of Panama City in 2003. Francis claims the girls lied about their age and none of the footage was ever used. Judge Deede Costello sentenced Francis to 339 days in jail but gave him credit for time served. Francis’ legal troubles aren’t over yet — his Federal tax evasion trial begins in April. Regarding his Florida plea, TMZ writes:
    [Francis] will be on six months’ “non-reporting” probation, and “Girls Gone Wild” can’t film in the area for three years. Bay County, we’re told, will return Joe’s brand new Ferrari, and $60,000 that they confiscated from him last year. (Source)
    So he plead guilty to both child abuse and prostitution charges and was sentenced to less than year? God dammit Florida, just when I think you’re finally getting your shit together, you have to go and fuck things up again. I hope to hell R. Kelly doesn’t seek a change of venue. “Florida prosecutors announced today that in return for R. Kelly’s plea of ‘no contest’ to child pornography charges, a statue of the singer will be built in the rotunda of the state capital building. The state bird will also be changed from the ‘Mockingbird’ to ‘R. Kelly’.”

    Joe Francis is free · Celebslam
    This is some bullshit right here.
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    this guy is a schmuck
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    I've never wanted to punch someone in the face while simultaneously kicking them in the balls so very badly before.

    He seriously deserves a fucking beatdown for being such a smug, skeevy criminal and worthless piece of trash.

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